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Balanced Leaders Succeed

Leadership Balance

What often seems like an operational issue is a leadership issue.

The core functions of leadership – to guide, develop, empower and fulfill – require a balanced blend of clarity and communication:


  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Performance
  • Rewards/Recognition
  • Accountability


  • Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Information Sharing
  • Co-creation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Trust

If any of these are out of balance, leadership falters, teams falter, and the organization falters.

Peer Performance Solutions’ customized training, consulting, and one-to-one coaching target faltering areas and highlight high-performing areas that can be maximized as operational strengths.

We help leaders embody Purposeful Leadership™ – balanced, intentional leadership that improves both the leader’s and their team’s performance because when leaders and teams succeed, organizations succeed.

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Free Up Executive Time for Mission-Critical Ventures:
Get Coaching for New or Challenged Leaders

Leadership Launch & Repair

Peer Performance Solutions executive and emotional intelligence coaching helps leaders practice and hone the skills they need to succeed so their leaders can spend less time managing performance and more time on other priorities. 

Leadership Launch 

When new managers don’t receive the training and coaching they need to become confident and effective in their roles, they lose and the organization loses. 

Our Leadership Launch coaching helps new managers develop the skills and attributes that lead to high-performing teams and organizations.   

Leadership Repair 

Many experienced leaders are predisposed to one of two leadership styles:

  • Direct/control 
  • Empathy/compassion 

While both are needed at different times, too much of either can be problematic.

With a direct and control style, the leader may fail to engage staff leading to increased turnover. With an empathy and compassion style, the leader may fail to hold staff accountable, leading to poor results. 

When leaders are out-of-balance, their department suffers, and the organization suffers. 

Our Leadership Repair coaching helps leaders find the right balance. 

“Juli creates a safe place in her sessions and very much values the goals of her clients and their empowerment to achieving them.”

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Minimize the Stress of Hiring
We Find and Vet High-Performers for You

Addressing Team Gaps

Hiring Services

You need to hire talent but a thorough and thoughtful talent search takes time you don’t have. Peer Performance Solutions takes the burden of the hiring process off you. 

From needs assessment to your final decision, we are there every step of the way, keeping you informed as we:

  • Draft the job description  
  • Create interview questionnaires
  • Assess candidates
  • Conduct initial interviews
  • Observe strengths and gaps in interviews
  • Prep final interviewer(s)
  • Attend final interviews
  • Recommend candidates

“I cannot thank Juli enough for managing this hiring process for us. Her support was exactly what we needed to move through the process and to land on a final candidate that we are excited to welcome to our team.”

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Do you have what it takes
to be a successful leader?


A lack of clarity is one of the biggest barriers to organizational success, whether you are 

  • Establishing vision, strategy, and objectives
  • Communicating expectations
  • Rewarding and recognizing employees 
  • Holding team members accountable

Peer Performance Solutions diagnoses clarity issues and helps you take steps to remediate them to improve team dynamics, staff performance, and customer service. 

In one case, Juli Geske-Peer helped increase client engagement by over 400%!

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Get to the Root of Your Operational Challenges

Operational Assessments

You’re having operational challenges but because you’re so embroiled in the day-to-day, it’s hard to see where they stem from. 

  • Is it the leader of a specific division? 
  • Is it interpersonal conflict? 
  • Is there a performance problem? 
  • Are customers simply that difficult? 

An assessment from an impartial, experienced third party helps surface what you’re not seeing and/or confirms what you are.  

Peer Performance Solutions’ custom assessments may include: 

  • Conducting confidential stakeholder interviews or surveys 
  • Reviewing policies, processes, procedures, org charts, or other key documents
  • Shadowing staff and asking questions to fully understand the work being done
  • Observing meetings for dynamics and efficacy

You will receive a report outlining key findings (strengths, gap areas) and recommendations for improvement.  

Need help implementing action plans? We can assist with that too. 

“Juli is candid while constructive in her assessments, providing practical and real solutions. Her accuracy and timing are impeccable and my confidence in her deliverable allows me to focus on other moving parts.”

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Provide Impactful Feedback and Accountability

Performance Management

One of the biggest challenges faced by leaders today is performance management. 

With so much on your plate, finding time to give meaningful feedback can be difficult. 

It’s easy to say “Good job!” but this doesn’t tell your team member what you want them to continue. What’s more, it’s human nature to want to avoid difficult performance improvement conversations.

Purposeful Leadership™ tactics provide meaningful recognition of great work and targeted feedback on needed improvements. 

“Juli has a skillset that every professional needs in their corner.”

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Do you need help holding your team accountable?

Effectively Coach Your Staff

Coaching Skills for the Non-Coach

The ability to coach others helps leaders get the best from their staff. 

Coaching fosters ownership, motivation, and follow-through. It creates safer meetings, helps you work effectively with others across the organization, and improves results.   

Do you know how to coach your team members? 

If you’ve: 

  • Tried various coaching tactics but don’t really know what you’re doing
  • Sensed your staff don’t feel appreciated 
  • Experienced lingering performance issues

Contact Peer Performance Solutions about training on “Coaching Skills for the Non-Coach.” 

“Juli is able to see strengths that one may be ignoring, or which one hasn't identified directly.”

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Keep Your Clients Happy

Client Management

Customer service is mediocre at best. Your clients are escalating issues or, worse, choosing not to repurchase. 

Staff, nervous about losing their jobs as they see clients leaving, exacerbate the situation: service further erodes and more customers leave. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Peer Performance Solutions provides group training or one-to-one coaching in client management practices that lead to client delight.

“I've found Juli to be one of the best consultants I've ever worked with.”

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Get Clear on Your Direction

Vision/Strategy Facilitation

Every leadership team needs to step back periodically and determine where they are heading

Whether you need 

  • A new long-term vision
  • A three- or five-year plan 
  • Divisional/departmental objectives to meet your strategies

Peer Performance Solutions’ facilitation services can lead you to your desired outcomes.

“Juli is a terrific facilitator.”

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Do have the type of empathy it takes to be a leader?


Communication in organizations isn’t always easy. 

Different personalities and communication styles, not to mention different cultures, beliefs, and languages can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. 

Fear of loss – be it status, role, esteem, budget, autonomy, or something else – can lead to defensiveness, withholding information, and a lack of clarity.  

This, in turn, perpetuates a cycle of unhealthy communications.

Peer Performance Solutions helps leaders improve culture, mitigate conflict, magnify trust, and expand their ability to influence others.

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You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Find Success - Read Juli’s Award-winning Book

5 Senses for Success

In 5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena, she shares that expertise in a unique approach to achieve your personal version of success. 

Through the 5 Senses, you will learn to: 

  • Value yourself and your unique goals and aspirations 
  • Understand others and build meaningful bridges at work, in your home, and with everyday acquaintances 
  • Become a compassionate and effective leader in any role 
  • Shift damaged relationships (both personal and professional) into healthy, productive, and mutually beneficial bonds
  • Navigate difficult conversations and manage conflict with confidence and tact 
  • Overcome barriers and strive for your distinct definition of success

5 Senses for Success not only encourages readers to get personal with themselves and those around them, but it shows us how to do it. Current or aspiring executives should get this book today and start 'sensing' better tomorrow."

--Steve Farber, author, The Radical Leap and Founder, The Extreme Leadership Institute

PPS provides group training based on her award-winning book.

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Enhance Your Organization’s Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Organizations based on transparency and trust perform better. 

Emotional intelligence (EI) fosters forthright communication and helps leaders and staff: 

  • Navigate relationships
  • Build trust
  • Reduce stress
  • Diffuse conflict
  • Improve engagement

As a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and mediator practiced at helping parties find common ground, Juli Geske-Peer can train and coach your leaders and staff to address the EI needs in your organization.

“I appreciate the professionalism, genuine care, and respect Juli conveys to her clients.”

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Smoothly Navigate Conflict

Conflict Coaching and Conflict Mediation

As a leader, your team’s conflicts are often brought to you.  Knowing how to address those conflicts and finding the time to do so can be challenging. 

Neutrality, process, and safety are key to working through conflict, so using HR may not always be desirable.

Conflict coaching works with one side of a conflict to help the party understand how to handle their situation on their own. 

Conflict mediation involves a mediator (or a group of mediators) working with teams with disparate opinions or two sides of a conflict.

As a Qualified Neutral (mediator) in the State of Minnesota, Peer Performance Solutions provides both conflict coaching and conflict mediation services.

“An expert in her field, Juli primarily listens and applies that expertise to your situation.”

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Bring Your Teams Closer


Sometimes team dynamics falter. 

Whether you’re experiencing increased conflict, rumor-sharing or interference within your teams

or you simply want to improve team connection and trust, team-building sessions can improve dynamics.

Peer Performance Solutions’ team-building sessions 

  • Establish more forthright communications and understanding, 
  • Highlight where team commonalities exist, and 
  • Bridge the gaps between unique personalities and communication styles.

Your team members will walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation for each other, leading to greater success in the workplace.

“I highly recommend Juli and would definitely use her services again.”

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