Peer Performance Solutions offers both public and customized workshops. Owner Juli Geske-Peer holds a train-the-trainer certification and has conducted numerous workshops in strategy, leadership, and interpersonal communication, among others. Some common topics include:

  • Establishing strategy
  • Manifesting authentic leadership
  • Managing conflict
  • Enhancing team performance
  • Balancing the hard and soft of leadership
  • Holding effective accountability conversations
  • Setting team goals and expectations

Learn more about customized workshops:

Public Workshop Schedule

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Complementary Discovery Session

Where are you aiming? What are your goals?

If any of these goals resonate, schedule a discovery session today!

  • Build leadership confidence and skills
  • Calibrate leadership balance
  • Assess root causes of operational or engagement (client, staff) issues
  • Engage in facilitated sessions to establish vision, strategy, and teambuilding
  • Manage workplace conflict and dynamics seamlessly
  • Establish clarity and achieve objectives, even when things get tough
  • Accelerate personal and organizational growth

Looking forward to our explorations!

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Purposeful Leadership: Leader Launch

This is specifically for first-time managers or managers in a new leadership role if you seek to accomplish one or more of the following…

  • Exhibit intentional, thoughtful leadership in your role
  • Enhance your confidence as a leader
  • Demonstrate that you care about your team members and their success
  • Establish clear expectations
  • Inspire trust, motivation and loyalty
  • Build a network of key stakeholder connections
  • Communicate clearly and empathetically across a full spectrum of conversations, from recognition to correction to conflict (or anything in between)
  • Develop a reputation of which you can be proud
  • Prove to your supervisor they hired the right leader!
This is a 4-month program with weekly sessions and assignments to help you Launch into your new role, while building confidence, skills and early wins.