Leverage Human Potential for Epic Results

Peer Performance Solutions partners with purpose-driven corporations and not-for-profit organizations to improve performance and retention through training, consulting, and coaching.

Are you struggling with:

  • Faltering goal achievement?
  • Stagnating leadership?
  • Lagging sales?
  • A lack of career growth?
  • Defecting customers or star employees?

If you’re ready to face daunting truths and take action to remedy the situation, we can help.

PPS Founder Juli Geske-Peer and her teams have successfully served, among others:

Our Philosophy

Peer Performance Solutions focuses on building Purposeful LeadershipTM—leadership that is intentional and that aims for a positive impact.

Purposeful Leadership™ improves workplace performance and all stakeholder experiences.

It balances clarity and communication to guide, develop, empower, and fulfill.


  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Performance
  • Rewards/Recognition
  • Accountability


  • Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Information Sharing
  • Co-creation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Trust

We help you find the right balance.

Leadership Scales

If one or more of these are out of balance, dissatisfaction, and defection results.

Praise for Juli Geske-Peer and Peer Performance Solutions

Juli Geske-Peer

“Smart, hard-working, and always one step ahead in thinking how best to address business challenges and opportunities.”

  • Juli is an outstanding professional to work with.
  • Her knowledge and expertise were especially valuable as we navigated through a period of staff transition.
  • She is objective, and she has a broad range of expertise in professional development and executive etiquette.
  • I am truly grateful that Juli is able to see me as a woman of color with a lens that gives me perspective that I wouldn't inherently have. My professional growth is directly tied to her coaching.
  • She's a consummate professional through and through.
  • She is a leader and an encourager, and I still consult with her often for her wisdom and guidance.


As president and principal consultant, coach, and trainer for Peer Performance Solutions, Juli Geske-Peer brings her clients 20-plus years of leadership experience and a passion for improving organizational culture from the top down while inspiring leadership and high performance at all levels.

As a consultant and certified executive coach, she helps leaders find their individual styles and succeed through a unique mix of advisory consulting and powerful coaching questions.

A visionary leader, Juli has a proven track record in corporate and not-for-profit settings including:

  • Crafting and successfully executing strong strategies
  • Providing exceptional service
  • Enhancing business processes
  • Increasing results
  • Garnering praise from clients, leaders, and staff

She has worked with executive, mid-level, and emerging leaders in leadership, interpersonal skills, hiring, coaching, staff development, and performance management techniques.

Juli has a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership, with additional training and certifications in:

  • Executive coaching
  • Emotional intelligence coaching
  • Extreme Leadership
  • Conversational intelligence
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Conflict mediation

She is an active volunteer and a high-rated presenter. Learn more about Juli here.