Get People EXCITED About Your Business


Every company would love to be Apple, with their thousands of loyal customers and lines out the door whenever they put out a new product. The Apple phenomenon is incredible, considering there are plenty of other companies that do what they do (and sometimes do it better and for a cheaper price!). So, how do they drum up so much excitement? How do they motivate people to stand in line for hours to get their hands on the latest Apple offering?

Part of the answer has to do with the years of brand-building Apple has undertaken (and there’s no shortcut for that), but another part of their success comes from extensive research about their audience base and a skillful marketing plan.

Know your customer

Get familiar with your target customers by gathering market intelligence, conducting interviews or surveys, and analyzing data from sales campaigns and website traffic. Observe your competitors and notice what they’re doing effectively and what isn’t working. There are tons of great intelligence-gathering tools out there and PPS can help you get started.

Practice integrity

It’s more important than ever to build a company’s brand around transparency and trustworthiness. With online reviews, social media, and the ability of a news story to travel around the world within minutes, it’s crucial for your company to practice honesty and integrity. Take this principle a step further and actively involve your company in good works. Sponsor charitable events, encourage employees to volunteer in the community, or retrofit your company’s building to be more eco-friendly.

Build your credibility

Showcase your expertise by encouraging customer reviews and displaying testimonials and case studies on your website and literature. According to, “Assembling reliable testimonials from authoritative sources or speaking to how an expert in the field uses the product can help customers understand that you can back the claims you’re making about the product.” Don’t forget to also show measureable results whenever you can.

Foster brand advocates

Your fans matter! Create a space for customers to advocate your brand through social media or online reviews. Forbes Magazine advises that engaging your company’s followers, encouraging feedback, or offering rewards for social sharing helps foster brand advocates. This kind of customer commitment makes people excited to be a part of your brand.

Let your own excitement shine through

If it wasn’t for the big dreams and perseverance of Apple’s founders, the company would not be what it is today. As thought leader and author Simon Sinek says in his TED Talk, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Let your vision be the centerpiece of your company’s marketing strategy.

Be memorable

What distinguishes your company from the pack? What do you offer that no one else does? What do you do best? Capitalize on your strengths and give your audience a reason to select you. Geoffrey James, contributing editor to suggests adding emotion to your campaign to make it resonate with your audience on a more personal level. However you decide to market your company, make sure to keep your core values in sight and remain true to your company’s mission.

Creating excitement around a company takes planning, a clear vision, and a group of people who are enthusiastic and passionate about your company and its goals. Keep in mind that enthusiasm for your company probably won’t generate overnight, but a business that is built on integrity and excellence will likely find its success and maintain it for the long-term.

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