Caring Workplace, Happy Employees


Everyone wants happy employees. They’re more productive, loyal, and valuable. But what makes employees happy?

The Star Tribune examined that question in their 2015 list of “Top Workplaces.” The organizations that made it onto the list were recognized solely based on the results of a survey taken by employees. The companies on the list vary widely in size, industry, and mission, but they all have one key thing in common: they care.

What does being a caring workplace mean? According to Clockwork Active Media, which ranked number one in the survey, it means acknowledging that your employees have a life outside the office. “We don’t talk about work-life balance,” said Nancy Lyons, CEO. “It’s all about life. We’re human, and to expect that to be compartmentalized is ridiculous.”

It’s easy to view your employees in terms of numbers, but the fact is, they are much more than that. A caring workplace is one that fosters an open line of communication with its employees, so that they feel comfortable approaching their superiors with both work and personal issues.

Another way to create a caring workplace is to provide opportunities for your employees to engage with their community (both internally and outside the office). SPS Commerce, a company that took the number one spot on the survey among large organizations, provides ample opportunities for their employees to have fun together and give back to the community. They sponsor company picnics, organize charity auctions, and even hold overnight sessions to build websites for charities.

Giving back is not just a trend. The next generation of workers are actively seeking companies that are altruistic and caring. An incredible 88% of Millennial women and 82% of Millennial men believe it’s important to be able to give back to the community through work.

A caring workplace can take many forms. How will your organization show it cares?


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