The “Yellow Energy” Team


In a couple of past blog posts, I’ve talked about the Insights® Discovery model and its application in the workplace. The basic concept of Insights® is that all people have the ability to behave and think in multiple ways, but we tend to emphasize some styles over others. For example, even the most passive person has the ability to lead. Similarly, the most data-driven person has the capacity to be creative.

According to the Insights® color model, every person is comprised of four different color energies, but we tend to exhibit one or two colors more than the others (To learn more about the four color model, read this past blog post). In this post we will focus on people who lead with yellow energy. This group of people tends to be outgoing, creative, energetic, and social. Many “sunshine yellow” people enjoy group projects and brainstorming solutions in a collaborative setting.

Sound like anyone in your workplace? Or, does it sound like you?

If so, you know that working in a team with someone who leads with yellow energy can come with both rewards and frustrations. On the positive side, people who lead with yellow energy tend to be idea generators. They aren’t afraid to offer off-the-cuff ideas, which is great for getting a conversation going and working through many different ideas.

They are also natural motivators. Yellow energy gusto can be contagious and can help a team stay energized when working through a project.

On the other hand, folks leading with yellow energy are not always keen on slowing down and examining the details. They might be enthusiastic about diving into a new plan, but they don’t always want to look at the data behind the decision or take the time to conduct thorough research. This kind of deliberation can seem tedious for someone as high-energy and enthusiastic as someone calling upon his yellow energy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people who love examining data and conducting research (I’m one of them!). If a team is well-balanced, those who prefer yellow energy do not have to be tied to tasks that do not suit their skill set.

But what if your team is comprised of almost all those who lead with yellow energy? You might struggle with staying on task (as those with a good deal of yellow energy love to socialize) or you might find that people often try to speak over each other or vie for leadership positions. To overcome the pandemonium of a team focused with yellow energy, take the time to set parameters. If your team is chatty, designate half-hour chunks of time to focus solely on work. If your team is dealing with power struggles, appoint a project leader who is given the final say. Leadership can always change hands during the next project.

Take time to appreciate those who demonstrate yellow energy on your team! They are important for sparking team innovation and ingenuity, motivating the team, and providing a little sunshine when it’s needed. How will your work team utilize its yellow energy?


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