5 Ways to Show You Care About Your Work


You probably know the saying, “What you give is what you get.” That concept is absolutely true in the workplace. If you only show up, do the bare minimum, and go home, you likely won’t find fulfillment in the work that you do. On the other hand, if you truly care about your work and approach it proactively and passionately, you’ll find that others will reciprocate your enthusiasm and your boss will likely take notice.

Here are five suggestions to show that you care about your work:

  1. Share stories.

The power of storytelling is no secret. Emotional dialogue connects people much deeper than a surface-level chat about the weather. Until you attempt to relate to co-workers or customers on an emotional level, you may never unearth your shared interests or backgrounds. And don’t forget that storytelling is a two-way street. Ask open-ended questions and actively listen to what others have to say. This kind of engagement shows that you not only care about the people around you, but also your workplace as a whole.


  1. Ask questions and ask them often.

Keep track of questions you encounter—your own, or those that customers or co-workers ask you—and share them with the rest of your team. Questions mean growth. By staying curious and conscious of potential confusion within the workplace, you are showing concern and taking positive action.


  1. Give the best you.

You need to care for yourself in order to care for others. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise. Stretch throughout the day. Do what’s necessary to be the best you–not hungry (and grumpy), sleepy (and disengaged), or sick (and unfocused).


  1. Share gratitude daily.

When you work alongside the same people every day, it can be easy to get into the social habit of curtness when communicating, for efficiency’s sake. Not only does this inhibit the aforementioned storytelling and question-asking, it can create a negative workplace atmosphere.

Consciously make an effort to share gratitude toward those you work with, daily. The attitude of gratitude spreads. Smile. Listen. Trust. Appreciate. Never assume a person knows how you feel—acknowledge accomplishments and praise often.


  1. Have a plan and share it.

Come up with monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. By careful planning and goal-setting, you can consciously move toward an improved company (and self) every single day. By sharing your business plan and vision you are opening up a dialogue and encouraging others to get involved and grow as a team.


Opportunities exist every day to demonstrate how much you care about your career and your company. Taking advantage of these opportunities can be the difference between merely punching a timecard every day and inspiring change, encouraging growth, and acknowledging a deep-set happiness within yourself.


Looking for more ideas to engage with your workplace and show you care? Feel free to contact me anytime.