Peer Performance Solutions has one unified goal: Enhancing individual and organizational performance. How do we do it? We offer a unique blend of business services centered on improving leadership and communications, enhancing processes and operations, and strategizing based on business intelligence. Those focused on individual needs can benefit from career planning/coaching, personal brand building, and conflict resolution services.

We seek partners who are struggling in some way—lagging sales or career growth, defecting customers or star employees, low productivity or morale—and we surface solutions to improve performance and retention. The most successful partnerships are formed when you or your organization are ready to face what may be daunting truths and take concrete actions to remedy the situation.

Juli Geske-Peer, President and principal consultant for Peer Performance Solutions, is proud to share some statements from clients and colleagues:

  • Juli has a skillset that every professional needs in their corner. She is able to see strengths that one may be ignoring or which one hasn't identified directly; she is objective, and she has a broad range of expertise in professional development and executive etiquette. I am truly grateful that Juli is able to see me as a woman of color with a lens that gives me perspective that I wouldn't inherently have. My professional growth is directly tied to her coaching.
  • A change agent focused on continuous improvement – it is one of her biggest strengths.
  • She is an excellent leader and a wonderful asset.
  • She has transformed the department into a high-performing team that has strong relationships with most [client] units.
  • Very good at developing and executing strategies. She helps set clear goals and checks in routinely on progress.
  • Juli has done a masterful job in reorganizing staff.
  • She’s a very creative thinker and brings good ideas to the table.
  • Juli is the rare individual who really understands the art of making research actionable and relevant.
  • She makes good hires and trains to be service-oriented and proactive as well.
  • Has a high degree of integrity and accountability for her actions.
  • I can always count on her to follow through on what she has committed to do.
  • I have a high regard for her credibility as a professional.
  • She is a trustworthy partner and very results focused.
  • She is delightful to work with!

Juli has 15 years’ experience in leading office operations, client management and intelligence functions, much of this within consulting firms serving Fortune 500 and other companies. Sample clients have included 3M, Cargill, Mazda, University of Minnesota (employer), Walgreens, and Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

As a visionary and leader, she has succeeded in crafting strong strategies and executing them successfully, providing exceptional service, and enhancing business processes, garnering praise from clients, leaders, and staff. She implemented worldwide projects in both quantitative and qualitative research. With a touted eye for talent, Juli has made many high-performer hires and she is dedicated to ongoing growth and learning, both for herself and for partners. She has trained new mid-level managers in leadership, hiring, coaching, and development techniques, and she has acted as an informal, yet company-approved, coach to peer colleagues.

Juli’s formal degrees are in Communications (BA) and Organizational Leadership (MA). Additional training has included professional train-the-trainer certification (University of Minnesota), mediation training (Conflict Resolution Center of Minnesota), qualitative data gathering and reporting techniques (RIVA), and industry conference participation. She has also been an association volunteer and a high-rated conference presenter.

The Peer Performance Solutions Team

    The Peer Performance Solutions Team is made up leaders in their fields, whom we call into projects on an ad hoc basis, depending on needs. We have worked with all team members previously, so we have first-hand knowledge of their expertise, ensuring only star performers work with our clients.

  • Bonnie – Research/Analysis
  • Brenna – Research/Analysis
  • Christine - Communications
  • Jeff – System Functionality/Testing
  • Jenny – Research/Analysis
  • Kelley – Lean Six Sigma
  • Kelly – Branding
  • Michelle – Human Resources
  • Sue – Statistics/Reporting
  • Tiffany – Corporate/Team Events